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Standard Flakes

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Hexagonal glitter

These hexagonal flakes, resistant to solvents, are ultra-thin thick which makes them easy to smooth.
They offer an exceptional shine that lasts over time thanks to their anti-UV treatment.
Apply these glitter to any background color to get a true custom effect.
In addition, the "Clear" color glitter is colorless and transparent, which makes it possible to give a glittery effect to any surface while retaining the original color.
They can be applied as a mixture in a varnish (on average 30g of glitter per liter of varnish) or dry with a flake buster.
Each color comes in 3 sizes:
- Small = 1/256" (0.1 mm)
- Medium = 1/128" (0.2 mm)
- Wide = 1/64" (0.4 mm)
Depending on the arrival, Standard Flakes can be packaged in a round box or vial
(same amount: 145 g)

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