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SuperShift Flake


SuperShift Flakes produce the most intense color vibrancy and dynamic shifting effects, the "Flakes" are made from the same material as the SuperShift Pearl Pigments. They are cut into a large and varied particle sizes for a unique flake style effect. These are not the same as traditional "metal flakes", they lay flatter, create less texture and can be sealed with the standard 2-3 finishing coats of clear.

SuperShifts are made from the highest grade material, these pearls produce a range of 4-6 shifting colors tones.

The effects are most prominant on curved surfaces and at varying angles of view and lighting conditions.

To create the most contrast and dynamic shifting effect we recommend using a black base.

We recommend mixing SuperShift Flakes into Intercoat Clear to acheive the best result. However, Clear Binder or Base Clear can be used also. Do not mix into top coat clear.

Intercoat / Binder / Base Clear generally need to be thinned with Reducer to create ready to spray material. Follow the coating manufactuer's recommendation to determine how much reducer is required.

Example: if your intercoat calls for 1:1 ratio of intercoat to reducer, mix 2 quarts (64oz) of intercoat and 2 quarts (64oz) of reducer to make one ready to spray (sprayable) gallon (128oz).

Filter clear/reducer before mixing flake. Once flake is mixed in, you cannot filter or it will get trapped.

In small increments, mix the recommended ratio of SuperShift Flakes into ready to spray material until properly dispersed. See ratios below.

  • 10g to 1 gallon sprayable
  • Maximum 15g to 1 gallon sprayable for HEAVY coverage. In some cases, tip size may be increased to 2.0mm.

After mixing, pour mixture into the cup of your gun, but DO NOT use a filter. Also, please remember your gun’s filter must be removed before pouring

Use a gun paint : 1.8mm tip size minimum

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