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Wicked Fluorescent Colors

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Wicked Fluorescent


WICKED COLORS CREATEX paints are very high quality airbrush paints that are suitable for any type of support, from fabric to car bodywork and are perfect for T-shirt decoration, graphics on helmets and tanks, illustration and almost all airbrush work.
These new CREATEX paints are based on the latest technological advances in water-soluble resins and ultra-resistant pigments for long-lasting work and insensitive to prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents, without starving or dissolving.
Wicked FLUORESCENT COLORS have an exceptional spray finesse and work perfectly with the thin 0.2 mm nozzles found today on most airbrush models. To obtain the best performance, it is recommended to dilute wicked fluorescent colors with Wicked Reducer thinner in any proportion, which allows each user to work with his own dilution.
WICKED FLUORESCENT COLORS dry quickly forming a robust film that is very adherent to the support. Drying with hot air is recommended only for work on fabrics intended to be washed. In all other applications, air drying is sufficient.
For finishing in the automotive or motorcyclist bodywork sector, it is better to use a polyurethane varnish.

Bottles of 60 ml.

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