• Varnish, primer, hanging primer, intercoat, diabolik paint binder - aerograhie stds kustom
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Thinner, Primer, Binder, Varnish, Diabolik Medium 125ml


- The binder - Intercoat:

Is used during work between two phases of the realization of the drawing to fix and protect the work already done. Avoids tearing off the paint when taking off the masking film. Also used as a final equalization layer before applying the varnish.

- The thinner:

Designed to dilute and refine paints Diabolik Paint, recommended mixture of 5% to 50%.

- The standard thinner can be used all year round and especially during the winter. The slow thinner is used by hot temperatures (summer) from 20°C.

- Degreaser - anti-silicone:

Water-soluble cleaning thinner for the elimination of fingerprints or fats on the surfaces to be painted.
Avoids the detachment of paint or the formation of craters due to the presence of silicones.
Removes static electricity from the surface to be painted.

- Primary Black all metals:

Allows a perfect grip on most metals to ensure a good hold of the paint.

- Primary Chrome:

Is a colorless and shiny transparent primer that guarantees the grip on the chrome.
It does not require any prior treatment of the surface, nor any sanding.
It also performs its function perfectly of course on other metals difficult to hang, polished or raw, such as stainless steel, galva, aluminum.

Primary for plastic:
This transparent primer is designed to offer strong adhesion to a wide range of plastics
The plastic primer is a single-component, ready-to-use, transparent looking product.
Apply two to three very thin layers of plastic primer at short intervals. The product dries quickly.
Within 2 min, apply two very thin veils of paint to create a hook with the plastic primer. Then paint normally after 5 minutes. Avoid large thicknesses.

- Garnishing Grey Primer:

It allows you to trim and level your surface by erasing slight defects. Thanks to the finesse of its grain and finish, it can be considered as a self-smoothing primer to cover directly with the paints within 30 minutes.

Use: Airbrush 0.3 – 0.5 mm / Application in 1 to 4 layers / At 20 ° C, respect 60 seconds minimum between each layer / Use from 15 to 25 ° C.

Bottle of 125ml.