For the security of your online payments, we offer the following secure solutions:
We also propose you PayPal, the secure online payment solution used by over 100 million buyers worldwide!
With E-transactions, your card payment is made directly on the secure server of our bank, the Crédit Agricole, on our behalf. At no time will your card number be communicated to us. Exchanges are encrypted and secure thanks to the SSL 3 protocol (Secure Socket Layer) and the entry of the single-use 3D Secure code that your bank communicates to you at the time of the transaction, generally by SMS on your cell phone.

3D-Secure: a security system for online payments by credit card ...

Security of CB payments by e-transactions

If during your CB payment you are asked for a new code, which is not the secret code of your bank card , don't worry, this code is a new security system, called 3D-SECURE, which is going to be generalized to all e-commerce sites, it allows to authenticate the card holder, it is a double protection allowing us to protect ourselves against fraudulent purchases on our site, and to guarantee that no one will use your bank card without your knowledge, it is an anti-fraud system.

Generally, your bank automatically sends you this code by phone when you are making the transaction. If you have not yet received any information from your bank on this subject, please contact them.

Some Information about 3D-Secure: What is it?
It is a new card and cardholder authentication feature based on the 3D-Secure technology adopted by Visa with Verified by Visa and Mastercard with Secure Code. This technology is accompanied by a transfer of responsibility from the merchant's bank to the cardholder's bank.

Another new technology?
This one really deserves your attention. Thanks to this system, the international networks wish to generalize new identification devices of the Internet buyer in order to eliminate the main reason for contesting transactions and to guarantee a total confidence between the Internet buyer and the cyber merchant.

What is the principle of 3D-Secure?
With 3D-Secure, after having entered the number, the expiration date and the cryptogram
of his credit card on the payment form of the e-merchant's bank, the customer is automatically connected to the server of his own bank. His bank will ask him, through a web window, to identify himself by typing the 3D-Secure code that it has just sent him by phone. If the information provided is correct, the bank will agree to continue the transaction and guarantee the payment of its customer

This is one more step in the online payment process!
Yes, but this step is reassuring for the Internet customer and only lengthens the payment transaction by a few seconds

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

This system has been recommended by the Bank of France since October 2008 and has become mandatory for all French e-commerce sites since June 2009.

For your security, we have installed this security system on our site as soon as it became available.

We regret that banks have not always done a good job of informing their customers.
If you need more information about this new security system, do not hesitate to contact your bank.