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Candy Pigments

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Autoair Candy


AutoAir CandyPigments are transparent paints made from water-based acrylic resins that can be applied to metallized or pearl bases. Their transparency allows the light that passes through them to play with the color of the metallic underlay thus marrying the colors and creating an effect of brilliance in depth. AutoAir Candy Pigments are available in 18 colours. The final color obtained depends on the color of the Candy and that of the metallic base, thus offering a wide range of possible effects. In addition, the 15 colors of Candy are all mixable between them!
AutoAir Candy Pigments must be applied in several thin layers superimposed and then varnished (spray for small objects or polyurethane varnish for larger surfaces and paints that must withstand the weather).

AutoAir Candy Pigments are diluted 3:1 (or higher) with AutoAir HP Reducer 4012

120 ml bottle

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