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Iridescent Colors

  • CXP4353

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Autoair Iridescent


AutoAir Iridescent Colors water-based acrylic paints are metallic paints whose brightness changes from light to dark depending on the angle of view.
For example, on a curved surface, an iridescent yellow will appear light yellow in places and dark yellow in other places. The result of this light/dark contrast is an impression of very high brightness of the light parts (somewhat comparable to a fluorescent-metallic hue).
Iridescent Colors paints are compatible with urethane and polyurethane varnishes.
For their application, it is advisable to use an airbrush with a 0.5 mm nozzle. A 0.3 mm nozzle can be used provided that the paint is diluted with the AutoAir Reducer thinner.

Bottle of 120 ml.

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