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Sealer / Surfacer

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Sealer House Of Kolor


The KD3000 series resurfacer/sealant is a three-purpose product that can be used as a high or medium thickness surfacer primer or as a sealant.

It is formulated with a hybrid of epoxy and acrylic polymers, which offer excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, productive drying times and ease of sanding.

These SDR resurfacers/sealants emit very small amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutant solvents (HAPS) and contain no isocyanates.

DTS KD3000 series resurfacers/sealants can be applied to existing OEM finish, bare steel, aluminum, fiberglass, galvanized surfaces and various plastics.

These qualities combined with its excellent durability make this product a superior choice for the basis of a long-lasting custom paint job.

Eliminates the need for additional steps and products needed to achieve optimal adhesion and corrosion resistance

Polymerization as a high-adhesion surfacer for contour sanding in less than 2 hours at 22°C

To be prepared with the activator KDA3000 and reducer RU300

Mixing ratio 4/1/1

Pot of 0.95L

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